Spring Fling 2021: Craft Beer & Red Meat

Spring Fling 2021: Craft Beer & Red Meat

“Get hungry. Be thirsty.” That could very well be Cured Craft Brewing’s new “diet plan” for Spring: beer and beef. The artisans on Mill Street have aligned their skill with grains and hops with the high-quality meats that are the mark of their sibling shop, Bradt’s Butcher Block. The result is a trio of combos that promise an exquisite experience at Leamington’s first craft brewery.

You’re in the right place for a 42nd Parallel Lager — Cured Craft Brewing Co. sits on the 42nd parallel, the southernmost tip of Canada. The mild malt sweetness of a 42nd knows how to get on well with the complex flavors of a well-marbled, aged steak. This crisp, clean, refreshing lager doesn’t try to outshine the cut, but will instead enhance the flavour of every bite.

Helping to make your perfectly cooked, seasoned steak even more interesting is the complex flavor of an S.O.S. — a Southern Ontario Stout. It’s a robust oatmeal stout, with distinct, rich notes of dark chocolate, stone fruit and roasted malt. The amazing taste of a stout brings out the richness of a juicy steak, and this pair of both rich and flavourful products is second to none.

Lastly, for that smoky steak glistening with a glaze of rich BBQ sauce, you’ll want a Honey Badger Wheat Ale. It’s the perfect, slightly sweet complement, with just the right amount of malt sweetness and a low hop aroma — an altogether silky and vibrant partner for your meal.

The fact is, beer and beef are a perfect match. There’s the contrast of cold draft and hot meat. Rich, marbled beef flavours need a balance, and the delicious bitterness of a beer is just the thing. Plus, beer’s carbonation cleanses your palate, meaning every sip is setting you up to get the full flavour of the meat.

So, put a Spring in your step and get down to Cured Craft Brewing Co. and Bradt’s Butcher Block. It’s the season to dig in and drink up. Grab some cans to bring home to your own patio as well as some amazing foods from across the street at Bradt's!

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